Friday, February 27, 2009

Redpath Shoots Glacier Girls

Anthony Redpath teamed up recently with Toronto based agency Grip Limited to shoot the 2009 Glacier Girl calendar for Columbia Brewery and their Kokanee Beer brand. The shoot took them to the mountains in the Whistler-Squamish area of British Columbia for the cold and crazy couple of days it took to produce 14 images.
Here's Anthony setting up the climber image above.

Laara Cerman, Anthony's in-house digital tech/retoucher, using her computer to stay warm.

The production crew from afar.

New Websites

Several of our group have new or recently re-designed websites that are worth a look:
Reimers + Hollar, Michael Kelley, Hugh Kretschmer, Jamey Stillings. Stop by, then come back!

Is it REAL?!

Morgan Silk was just informed that two of his images from his Mongolian series have been shortlisted in the 2009 AOP Awards competition. Word got to him through the grapevine that the image above also impressed the judges and would have been shortlisted as well, but some on the panel suspected that the super-sized statue of Ghengis Khan was faked through cgi, and pulled it from the running! It's real, folks. This situation points to a growing problem photographers face in this increasingly digital age. Namely, that the public at large no longer trusts what they see. That lack of trust is helping further erode the value of the craft, and doesn't help us as we try to maintain the fees we negotiate for assignment work.