Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mongolian Menagerie

Modern genetic research suggests Ghengis Khan is the direct ancestor of over 18 million men living in Asia today, according to the writer for OneLife Magazine. That was one busy dude! Morgan Silk recently traveled to Mongolia for the Land Rover pub to shoot some of those descendants, and came back with a HUGE amount of incredible images. It was a bitch to edit! We've finally whittled it down to a few over 50 images, which we've placed in a showcase for your viewing pleasure. Check it out here. Morgan also got word recently that the Harley Davidson campaign he shot with AD Bill Lee of Carmichael-Lynch got in the upcoming Graphis and Communication Arts Advertising Annuals. The headlines, which are impossible to read at this size, are incorporated into the bike parts via CGI magic.

This campaign from Morgan and pharma agency GSW Worldwide for Zyprexa should be making the award show rounds in the coming year too. Zyprexa is an anti depressant drug for people suffering from depression and bio-polar symptoms, and is aimed at doctors and other medical trade professionals. Morgan and his team NAILED it, if you ask me. Creative credits go to CD John Parkinson and AD Jeff Schatz. The agency producer was Marc Short, one of the best. Our producer was Berns Rothchild, who we love. Here are three of the nine portraits:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Here's to Annika Vogt!

A fair number of people have worked for Sharpe + Associates over the 20 years the company has been around, but none have matched Annika Vogt's contributions. In fact, few have even come close. In addition to managing the majority of our web content needs and executing our promotions, Annika currently handles ALL of our editorial projects, and ad/design clients from Minneapolis to the west coast. Those people know how great she is because they are always telling me so. She's creative, smart, sensitive, intuitive, funny, dedicated, honest, passionate, persistent, open-minded and multi-talented (she has a degree in Photography from Art Center College of Design, is a talented painter, has a very good eye for design, a strong fashion-sense and high aesthetics) Annika has the versatility to contribute to open-ended, blue-sky strategic/creative thinking, but can handle the large amounts of detail inherent to her job equally well. She has strong opinions and isn't afraid to share them. Those opinions have become valued by our talent, our clients and me.

She recently took it upon herself to learn Dreamweaver so she could design our monthly e-mail newsletters, giving us more creative control and saving time and money. Her first effort will promote our new site and updated roster, and will go out soon. Watch for it in your in-box!

You are the BEST, Annika!!

We are LIVE!!!

The new version of has finally been born!! In addition to a completely new look, larger images and rocket-fast speed, our new site offers visitors the ability to download fpo rez images and build custom lightboxes of images that they can email to others. So be sure to drop by and fully explore it's nooks and crannies if you haven't done so already, and bookmark it for future reference.

Besides the new bells and whistles on the front end, the site's administrative tools are amazing and provide incredible flexibility to manage the content as we see fit.

Now that it's live, we can finally turn our attention to executing all of the marketing/promotion we've had waiting in the wings for the past 3 months, so...get ready people! The tsunami is coming...

Creative credits for the new site go to by Daniel Stromborg of The Creative Common Good

Thanks, Daniel!