Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Just got the new AdAge special feature showcasing the winners from the most recent Obie Awards, a well respected show focused on Outdoor advertising media. And like always, the illustrators, photographers and other artists who contributed to much of the work being recognized were no where to be found in many of the credits. The credit oversight is one that has bothered me for years, and not just when it's one of our people who were left off the list. It's indicative of a lack of concern about or appreciation for the people who made the concepts come to life. It wouldn't be acceptable, but would be less irritating if commercial directors and production companies were treated the same way, but they NEVER seem to be left off! I've even seen the trade rags use a print execution to complement a story about multi-media campaigns where the director and production company are mentioned, but NOT the person who shot/illustrated the ad they used to reference the campaign! Sour grapes? Damn right!

Lippman Participates in Surfers Healing

Putting his surfing skills to philanthropic use again, Steven Lippman and a host of other accomplished surfer volunteers participated in the annual Surfers Healing event in Malibu several weekends ago. The event, organized by the Surfers Healing non-profit group, benefits children suffering from autism. But judging from the responses of the surfers and other supporters at the event, the kids weren't the only ones who got something from the event.