Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Days

Damn. Summer's officially over now that Labor Day has passed. Reality has quickly settled back in, and we're cranking up again for the final push into the fall season, hopeful to continue our summer momentum into 2009. Though August passed with only one entry here, we have a lot of project news to share. So, in no particular chronological order, here is some of the scoop...

Zack Scott finished a campaign for Orbit Gum, shot for Energy/BBDO in Chicago and AD Ryan Dickey (who has since joined Deutsch/LA). Here is our favorite one from the bunch:

Hugh Kretschmer shot a whirlwind production for MasterCard to promote it's WorldCard, working with McCann Worldwide in NY. Creative credits go to: AD Richard Kluver and CD's Michele Raso and Robert Frost. Look for it in the current issue of Dwell.

Eva Kolenko and Butler Shine Stern & Partners created the first of a series of ads planned for the Marine Mammal Center. AD Jay Lorenzini. It was a labor of love for all involved. Yummy!

Jamey Stillings shot a corporate ad for Toyota through Dentsu America in New York to sell the company's social and environmental consciousness. Aaron Frisch (one of my all-time favorites) was the AD/CD on the job. Do I feel better now, driving my 12 year old Previa? Nah! But I'm still a HUGE fan of Toyota.

Matt Barnes created two images for Fairtrade Jewelry, a great project with an open creative brief: Create an image that speaks to the Renaissance and one based around the WWII pin-up aesthetic. Perfect fit.

...And the photographer gets a spanking during the wrap party. Life's a bitch!

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