Friday, October 3, 2008

We are LIVE!!!

The new version of has finally been born!! In addition to a completely new look, larger images and rocket-fast speed, our new site offers visitors the ability to download fpo rez images and build custom lightboxes of images that they can email to others. So be sure to drop by and fully explore it's nooks and crannies if you haven't done so already, and bookmark it for future reference.

Besides the new bells and whistles on the front end, the site's administrative tools are amazing and provide incredible flexibility to manage the content as we see fit.

Now that it's live, we can finally turn our attention to executing all of the marketing/promotion we've had waiting in the wings for the past 3 months, so...get ready people! The tsunami is coming...

Creative credits for the new site go to by Daniel Stromborg of The Creative Common Good

Thanks, Daniel!

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