Sunday, November 16, 2008

Playing Catch Up

No rest for the weary...or is it wicked? Both fit, so take your pick. I blink twice and a month goes by since my last post. So, there's lots of going's on to report, some of which seems like it happened another lifetime ago. Comrade shot William Peterson for The Chicago Tribune Magazine, and launched a new website that he designed and built himself. Check it out here, but come back after you're done. And beware of his blog! I went for a 'quick look' and ended up spending over an hour there! Really cool stuff. Here are his pics of WP:

Zachary Scott shot these fun ads for Castrol awhile ago, but we got our mitts on them only recently. Haven't seen them out there yet, but I'm not a gear head. More work our FX guy, Edward French. Agency: Ogilvy/NY. AD: Don Miller.

Eva Kolenko is turning into a fashionista, and has been sending us boatloads of new personal work lately. Here's a couple from a recent shoot:

Michael Kelley just shot a piece on Wayne Pancelle, CEO of the Humane Society, for the NY Times Magazine:

There's more. So much more...but I'll have to post that tomorrow (next month?). Nah.

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