Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mongolian Menagerie

Modern genetic research suggests Ghengis Khan is the direct ancestor of over 18 million men living in Asia today, according to the writer for OneLife Magazine. That was one busy dude! Morgan Silk recently traveled to Mongolia for the Land Rover pub to shoot some of those descendants, and came back with a HUGE amount of incredible images. It was a bitch to edit! We've finally whittled it down to a few over 50 images, which we've placed in a showcase for your viewing pleasure. Check it out here. Morgan also got word recently that the Harley Davidson campaign he shot with AD Bill Lee of Carmichael-Lynch got in the upcoming Graphis and Communication Arts Advertising Annuals. The headlines, which are impossible to read at this size, are incorporated into the bike parts via CGI magic.

This campaign from Morgan and pharma agency GSW Worldwide for Zyprexa should be making the award show rounds in the coming year too. Zyprexa is an anti depressant drug for people suffering from depression and bio-polar symptoms, and is aimed at doctors and other medical trade professionals. Morgan and his team NAILED it, if you ask me. Creative credits go to CD John Parkinson and AD Jeff Schatz. The agency producer was Marc Short, one of the best. Our producer was Berns Rothchild, who we love. Here are three of the nine portraits:

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