Monday, March 23, 2009

Kolenko Gets Some Furry Love

Eva Kolenko loves dogs. None more than her own, a pit bull named Bubby. So she was thrilled to work with Colle + McVoy on a campaign for a heartworm medication from Novartis depicting intimate moments between people and their canine pets. She shot four ads over the course of two days at three different locations in the LA area, each with a number of variations. Yes, it was a scramble. But, with strong agency support and a stellar crew she pulled it off with aplomb and left the client promising to come back. Agency credit goes to CD: Mike Caguin, AD: Nina Orezzoli and AB: Chris Peters (another favorite of ours!). Lynn Campbell of Lynn Campbell Productions did an outstanding job as producer. We love you, Lynn! Here are the first two ads to break:

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