Monday, March 23, 2009

Table for Twelve?!

What were they THINKING?! "We've got two sets of twins...let's take some more fertility drugs and see if we can field a basketball team!" Well, it did bring them their very own reality show on TLC, and thanks to them and the good folks at Discovery Communications, it brought Reimers + Hollar a photo shoot under the auspices of creating an image to promote the show's launch. Problem was, the family wasn't available for a shoot. Solution: Show only hands at a fairly chaotic dinner table. Problem: Budget won't accommodate hiring 12 different talent. Solution: Hire 2 adults and 4 kids, and play mix and match with positions, wardrobe and propping to come up with a combination of all of the elements that works. Oh yeah...and prep it in four days! As it turned out, the short prep time actually worked in our favor, as there wasn't enough time to over-dwell on any of the elements. The shoot was arduous but went smoothly, and believe it or not, everyone had fun! Berns Rothchild pulled another rabbit our of her hat on the production. Big Swing Productions handled all of the post production. Dan Cavey was the CD/AD at Discovery and Susan Wetherby was the AB. We LOVE Reality and hope to get another serving soon!

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