Friday, October 3, 2008

Here's to Annika Vogt!

A fair number of people have worked for Sharpe + Associates over the 20 years the company has been around, but none have matched Annika Vogt's contributions. In fact, few have even come close. In addition to managing the majority of our web content needs and executing our promotions, Annika currently handles ALL of our editorial projects, and ad/design clients from Minneapolis to the west coast. Those people know how great she is because they are always telling me so. She's creative, smart, sensitive, intuitive, funny, dedicated, honest, passionate, persistent, open-minded and multi-talented (she has a degree in Photography from Art Center College of Design, is a talented painter, has a very good eye for design, a strong fashion-sense and high aesthetics) Annika has the versatility to contribute to open-ended, blue-sky strategic/creative thinking, but can handle the large amounts of detail inherent to her job equally well. She has strong opinions and isn't afraid to share them. Those opinions have become valued by our talent, our clients and me.

She recently took it upon herself to learn Dreamweaver so she could design our monthly e-mail newsletters, giving us more creative control and saving time and money. Her first effort will promote our new site and updated roster, and will go out soon. Watch for it in your in-box!

You are the BEST, Annika!!


Eva Kolenko said...
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Eva Kolenko said...

Way to go Annika! Thanks for busting your ass for little ol' me..