Thursday, June 4, 2009

Does Martin Deserve This??

According to AdAge, there is a new bonus scheme at WPP which entitles CEO Martin Sorrell to take home up to $95M (that's MILLION) over the next five years if the holding company reaches new performance targets. This is a guy who's basic salary & "fees" were over $1.5M in 2008, and totalled $5.6M including bonuses from the old bonus scheme. Explaining the new scheme, a WPP spokesperson said that it was "even more aligned with shareholders' interests...because of extremely demanding performance targets." He also said the "WPP executives have to take a financial risk to gain the rewards, just like any other investor." WTF?! So if they don't meet the business goals, they only get their huge base salaries?? Wow. What a risk! Meanwhile, one path to meeting their performance goals is drastic cost cutting (layoffs) in order increase revenue. Here's an idea: How about if they miss the business targets, they DECREASE their salaries by the percentage they under perform?

Sir Martin... No wonder why HE"S happy! Photo: Pierre Verdy/AFP/Getty

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