Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jamey Stillings' Bridge to Somewhere

Jamey Stillings first saw the Hoover Dam Bypass construction project while on a photo journey/vacation with his family. Inspired by the project and the material from it he originally captured, he began a personal quest to document it and (hopefully) some of the workers there as it evolved. We presented a selection from his first round there to the editorial staff at the New York Times Magazine, and they got on board immediately. Turned out it was a perfect fit for the first issue of their pub's redesign, which was devoted to our nation's infrastructure. The NYT used the shot above on the inside back cover to introduce Endpaper, a new feature to close the pub, as well as a larger selection of images in a slide show available on

Though he's returned to site three additional times since he first encountered it, he's planning on shooting there one more time in the coming weeks as the gap is about to close. Jamey's access to the site has grown with each subsequent visit, as he gains the trust and respect of the numerous parties involved in the construction.

Additionally, the images have struck a chord with other publications around the globe as well as private collectors, giving us hope that the series might find a home in the gallery world.

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