Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Off and Stumbling

It's a new year. We arrived January 5, ready to take the world by the tail and shake it. Little did we know that with Mercury in retrograde (whatever the hell that means), EVERYTHING having to do with the technology we depend on is so crawling with bugs we might as well have taken another couple of weeks off! For the first few days, I blamed it all on Kelly, our new Jr. Associate. But after a week and a half of one step forward, three back, I'm ready to chuck all of our computers and go back to clay tablets. Email? Yeah sure... Just try to get out to the cyberworld without having to re-boot three times a day. Website? Why not have ALL of the portfolio imagery just randomly rearrange itself? THAT would be great. Don't worry about our internal database. Who needs estimates, contacts, invoices or any info on stock imagery? Oh yeah, don't count on surfing any site that gets over 3 visitors a day, 'cause your browser(s) will just spin and spin. It's not the web hosting company's fault. It's not the phone company's. Apple's? The modem? Router? Nah... It's Mercury's. I'm sure of it now.

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